Alen BreatheSmart Air Purifier with HEPA-Silver Filter
BreatheSmart Air Purifier w/ HEPA-Silver Filter
BreatheSmart Air Purifier w/ HEPA-Silver Filter
BreatheSmart Air Purifier w/ HEPA-Silver Filter
BreatheSmart Air Purifier w/ HEPA-Silver Filter
BreatheSmart Air Purifier w/ HEPA-Silver Filter

BreatheSmart Air Purifier w/ HEPA-Silver Filter


The Alen® BreatheSmart® HEPA Air Purifier for mold, bacteria and multi-purpose concerns includes Alen's HEPA-Silver Filter.

  • Guaranteed to reduce allergy symptoms by capturing dust, dander mold and pollen
  • Includes Alen's advanced HEPA-Silver Filter which combines HEPA with Activated Carbon and Silver-Ion Technology to reduce light odors and VOCs and kill collected germs, mold and bacteria
  • Advanced SmartSensor Technology automatically adjusts airflow when it detects allergens and pollutants in your air
  • Covers up to 1100 square feet on high, removing 99% of particles greater than 0.3 microns
  • Purifies large amounts of air while maintaining a peaceful environment with WhisperMax Technology
  • Ionizer charges smaller particles, improving filtration
  • Easy on and off front cover for effortless filter changes
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The Alen® BreatheSmart® HEPA Air Purifier for mold, bacteria and multi-purpose concerns includes Alen's HEPA-Silver Filter.

The BreatheSmart® uses Alen's SmartSensor Technology to detect airborne allergens and pollutants, automatically adjusting airflow to protect you while saving energy and extending filter life. The BreatheSmart is both powerful and quiet, providing up to 1100 square feet of coverage with Alen's WhisperMax Technology, a specially designed fan and air chamber that maximizes clean air delivery while maintaining a peaceful environment.

The Alen BreatheSmart HEPA Air Purifier's easy to replace HEPA-Silver Filter combines several layers of filter technology to purify and freshen the air in your home. Polluted air first passes through Alen's washable Pre-Filter to capture large particles, extending the life of the filter. In the second layer, air moves through a unique, electrostatically charged HEPA type material that attracts and captures up to 99% of dust, pollen, pet dander, mold spores and other airborne pollutants. Alen's antimicrobial Silver-Ion threads are woven into the HEPA style material, protecting the filter from harmful mold and microbe growth. In the final layer, clean air passes through a layer of Alen's Activated Carbon, reducing light odors and chemicals commonly found in the air from cleaning products, smoke, cooking, pets and various other household materials. The BreatheSmart's ozone-safe Ionizer complements the HEPA type filter by charging particles in the air, causing them to stick together and become more easily captured.

We recommend regular filter replacements to extend the life of your air purifier and maximize performance. Replace your filter every 6-12 months for severe concerns or when running the air purifier 24/7. Replace your filter every 12-18 months for light concerns or when running the air purifier only as needed. The Alen BreatheSmart's Filter Life Timer indicates when it is time to replace the filter based on the operating fan speed and duration of use. The optimal filter replacement frequency may vary based on your environment and health concerns.

The Alen BreatheSmart includes a Lifetime Limited Warranty and Allergy Relief Guarantee. We encourage you to experience the benefits of allergy relief for 60 days, risk free. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, we will refund your money and even pay to ship it back.

  • In Auto Mode, SmartSensor Technology automatically adjusts cleaning levels based on the level of airborne pollutants
  • SmartSensor Air Quality Light indicates the level of pollutants detected in your air (Blue = Maintaining Pure Air; Orange = Moderate airborne pollutants; Red - Heavy airborne pollutants)
  • WhisperMax Technology, a specially designed fan and air chamber, maximizes clean air delivery while maintaining a peaceful environment
  • Includes Alen's HEPA-Silver Filter, an easy to replace HEPA type filter that captures dust, allergens, light odor and airborne pollutants while killing collected bacteria and microbes in rooms up to 1100 square feet; the Pre-Filter layer captures larger particles to extend the life of the HEPA material
  • Versatile HEPA type filter options (all include Alen's Pre-Filter) are available to address specific needs: HEPA-Pure Filter - Dust and Allergens; HEPA-FreshPlus Filter - Chemicals (VOCs) and Odor; HEPA-OdorCell Filter - Smoke and Heavy Odor
  • Ionizer charges smaller particles, causing them to clump together for improved filtration
  • Filter Life Timer keeps replacements on a schedule based on fan speed and duration of use
  • Digital display with simple and intuitive touch button controls
  • 4 fan speeds with 4, 8 and 12 hour timers to control air circulation
  • Auto-off safety feature when front cover is removed
  • Energy efficient and environmentally friendly-Energy Star certified
  • This is a 120V product. It is only safe to operate in North America and not in countries with 220-240V power supply

Customer Reviews

BreatheSmart Air Purifier w/ HEPA-Silver Filter 4.8 5 131 131
What a difference clean air can make . . . I appreciate all the help with not only getting all 4 of our new purifiers registered for warranty but also, the help in getting them ordered and out to us ASAP. I can't tell you how much I'm loving them. I noticed a definite improvement in the air within just the first hour of having them on, and it's only gotten better since. I've already given your name and number to one of my colleagues who was very interested in getting an air purifier for her home. I filled her in on the extensive research I had done before choosing the Alen BreatheSmart after my last air purifiers died and told her how after only having them one for an hour I already was starting to experience relief in my severe asthma and allergy symptoms. She wanted to come in and see them up close. She too was quite impressed with not only all of the features, and the warranty, but also with how amazingly quiet these units are even on Turbo mode. It's exceptionally rare that I am so impressed with anything I buy or use, that I take the time to write a review about it, and will do so only in those rare moments when something is so good or so bad that I feel others will benefit from my experience. First let me say that I do not have the time nor money to waste on "junk". I need something to work well right out of the box, keep working, and to really do what it says it will. And although they may seem expensive upon first glance when compared to other products on the market, I can say for a fact that they are worth every penny spent. Second, I feel I need to make you aware of the fact that I suffer from SEVERE ALLERGIES and ASTHMA. Prior to their arrival, for the last 5 months, I've needed to use my rescue inhaler as many as 4-6 times a day, EVERY DAY (and that was in addition to all of my other prescription asthma and allergy medications). Since turning these on, I have not had to touch my rescue inhaler even once since their arrival 5 days ago. These BreatheSmart air purifiers have have made a believer out of me. I'm on a personal mission that everyone should have access to air as clean as this and to that end I would like some product literature that I can leave with both my allergist and my pulmonologist to give to their other patients seeking air purifiers who could benefit from the almost instant relief for their breathing symptoms that I've found with my new BreatheSmart air purifiers. Compliments from me have to be earned, they are not something that I just offer casually. And as I said before I normally don't write reviews. But I have to say, "These machines are awesome!!!" I will update my review at a later date and let you know if I still feel this positive about my BreatheSmart purifiers after I've lived with them for a while. So thanks again for making and standing behind a truly wonderful product. July 29, 2013
We love our BreatheSmart! This product is like the air purifier for lazy people (read, me). I love it. I can always look over at the sensor and tell what the air quality in the room is and hear the unit working harder when the sensor isn't blue. We have 2 actually. One is in our son's playroom and one is in his bedroom. I know that I can just turn it on auto, walk away and not ever have to wonder if it's working because I can see and hear that it is. Amazing product! July 10, 2014
I love it! No more stuffy noses!! My husband and I finally decided to try a purifier for our home. Both of us have sinus issues and we wanted cleaner air. We certainly did our research and chose the Alen BreatheSmart. I cannot tell you how happy we are with this product. No more stuffy noses during the night or in the morning! Definitely a wise investment. May 23, 2013
Simply, the best air purifier! First of all let me tell you a little history about myself. I’m a professional firefighter with the Nashville Fire Department for over twenty years. I hold the rank of Captain and I’m currently working at the Academy as an Instructor/Training Officer. About ten years ago I was diagnosed with Occupationally Induced Asthma: Basically, from the shear amount of toxins in the air within my work environment. After years of breathing problem(s) I invested in just about every known air filter on the planet. (Too many to list and they helped somewhat) Coincidentally, I came across the website, about a year and a half ago, and became very interested in their products. What caught my attention was the lifetime warranty…at first! I made the phone call to Alencorp and talked personally to Haywood Murray. After talking to Mr. Murray he suggested that I try the Alen 375. Much to my surprise, Mr. Murray didn’t try to sell me anything that I didn’t need, and I was so overwhelmed with Mr. Murray’s knowledge of his product that I also purchased a Alen T300 Tower Air Purifier for my daughters room. (I also liked the fact that we could use the auto delivery on the filters.) Once the air purifiers were delivered I removed the units out of the box and immediately started using them. Within an hour I could tell an astonishing difference in the air quality of my homes air! Just to get this straight…I had four other name brand air filters running previously! I let the new machines run all night long and when I awoke the next morning my daughter told me how good she had slept…she didn’t know that I had changed out the air purifier in her room to the new Alen T300! Over the last year I’ve been absolutely convinced that these Alen (375 & T300) air purifiers are the “REAL DEAL” and would recommend them to everyone. With that being said… I personally introduced my brother to Mr. Murray and he bought an Alen 350 for his home. Just like my daughter…he (brother) had a very restful sleep the first night and beyond! Now, since the Alencorp has a new air purification offering promising to even be better than what I have…I had to buy one and give it a chance! Remember the 60 day risk free allergy relief guarantee…I had nothing to lose! The new sleek look with the added power and quietness complements its demure. So, I bought the Alen Breathsmart Air Purifier. Instantaneously, I felt a difference in the quality of air and the quietness of the motor. I now have this unit handling the entire downstairs of my house and the A375 in my bedroom while the T300 is still in my daughter’s bedroom. I fill that this combination (A375, T300, and the Breathsmart) is a tremendous blessing to the health of my family! I firmly believe that the Alencorp builds a quality air purifier, and, with a lifetime warranty to boot, the reassurance of a reputable company, these systems will last a lifetime!!! May 9, 2013
Amazing Air Purifiers! i bought the Alen BreatheSmart 2-pack about 2 months ago. Wow what a difference they have made! After much research, I decided Alen was the way to go. I purchased them for use mainly during the winter months when my house has to be closed up tight. It is an older home and prone to dust. My mother and I both suffer from sever indoor allergies to mold and dust and also have asthma. Within 3 days of setting them up and letting them run, I was already noticing a difference. Not only was I sleeping through the night, but I was no longer waking up congested. It has been years since I woke up and felt completely rested, but now I am. While I do still take medicine for my conditions, my usage of them has significantly dropped. My mother has not had to use her nebulizer machine for a breathing treatment since we have had the air purifiers running.The amount of dust throughout the house has diminished and we may add another in time our entire house can be covered. I chose this model for the ease of use and large coverage area. The controls are simple to use and mom fully understood how to operate the units with ease. They are also very lightweight which makes them easy to move to different rooms in the house if the need arises. I honestly have nothing bad to say about this product. It was even packed very well for shipment and arrived quickly on schedule. To summarize, it is well worth the price and I highly recommend it! March 10, 2014
6 Months Use Update Review In my original customer review of my BreatheSmart air purifiers I said I would post an update review after we had lived with our purifiers for a while and would share our experiences (good or bad). We've had our BreatheSmarts with the Silver filter (2 at home and 2 in the office) in use for 6 months now. Although I am still taking all of my other allergy and asthma medicines. I have only had to use a rescue inhaler twice since their arrival. On both occasions the electricity had gone out while I was on a trip and even though it had come back on while I was gone, certain appliances and electronics didn't turn themselves back on one of which was my BreatheSmarts. It happened once with the two units at my home and once with the two units at my office, both around the holidays. According to my neighbor the electricity at home had gone out briefly about 7 days before my return. Of course when I got home i couldn't understand why my breathing was so bad to the point of needing a rescue inhaler. After using my inhaler, I checked the BreatheSmart units only to find that both of them were completely off. Once the units were back on I've not needed to use my inhaler at all at home. In mid-January I left for a trade show and everyone was out of the office for about 5 days. When I got back to the office I had my first asthma attack in office since the BreatheSmarts arrived. The day I left for the show, the electric company was working on something behind our building. As I was leaving for the show they informed everyone in our building that the power was going to be down for about 20 mins. I didn't give it a thought since we were all going to be at the trade show anyway. What I forgot was that the BreatheSmarts would be off the full 5 days until we came back from the trade show. Once we came back from the trade show the office didn't smell as fresh as usual and I immediately had an asthma attack which surprised me since I've not needed my inhaler since the BreatheSmart units came into the office 6 months ago. Then I remembered since the electricity was turned off briefly that the BreatheSmart units were still off. I immediately turned them back on and have not had required a rescue inhaler even once since they've been back on. This confirmed the results I had when they first arrived. They are definitely making a big difference in our air quality both at home and in the office. By the way, I've attached a picture of what we vacuum off of our pre-filters every other week. And this is just the big gunk we can see. I can only imagine what the inside of the main filter looks like with all of the smaller stuff we can't see. P.S. - The units that are in my home work and make a difference even though we have the windows and skylights open on warm days since we don't have air conditioning. This January we had wild fires in the Los Angeles metro area which put a lot of ash in the air to the point it rains down like little tiny snow flakes covering cars and coming in open windows, etc. In the past when this has occurred, the ash residue inside the house would be so thick on our counters and other hard surfaces that you could write your name in it. This January we had the first wild fire in the Los Angeles metro area since we've had our BreatheSmart purifiers in place. And as usual once again ash was in the air and for a couple of days gently raining down on everything like usual. And since the weather in L.A. for those days was in the mid 80's of course we had to leave the windows and skylights open. This year however, each day when we'd return home from work we didn't find the usual ash build up on the counters and hard surfaces like in the past. And this time even though ash was in the air and the windows where open I didn't suffer my usual asthma attacks. Don't get me wrong, these machines aren't "vacuum cleaners" that are going to clean all the dust off of the surfaces in your house, but they will clean the gunk out of your air to help you breathe better. V:) February 5, 2014
This product is quiet and effective! I live in Georgia, in a city with a huge pollen problem, where each spring everything turns yellow and I have horrible allergy problems.Our Alen purifier has been the answer to my prayers. The air in my home is fresh and the amount of dust and pollen trapped in the filter is amazing.Not only is the Alen purifier effective but extremely quiet.It is super easy to clean the filter and care for.I don't feel comfortable sleeping now without my Alen purifier. August 17, 2013
Wow!` Have only had these running for a couple hours and I can already breathe easier. I bought 3 breathe smart purifiers to cover my 2200 sf house (I have asthma) and I can already tell a difference in the air. All were red when we turned them on (!) and are slowly moving to better air. But, I can breathe better already. Can't believe it! March 28, 2014
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