HEPA-Pure Replacement Filter for  Alen BreatheSmart Air Purifier
Alen Breathesmart HEPA-Pure Replacement Filter
Alen Breathesmart HEPA-Pure Replacement Filter
Alen Breathesmart HEPA-Pure Replacement Filter

Alen Breathesmart HEPA-Pure Replacement Filter


Designed for the Alen® BreatheSmart® HEPA Air Purifier, the Alen HEPA-Pure Filter combines two layers of filter technology to purify and freshen the air in your home.

  • Creates an allergy and asthma friendly environment by removing dust, pet dander, mold spores and pollen from the air
  • Helps maintain a clean household by reducing dust
  • Pre-Filter layer extends the life of the filter
  • Eligible for Alen's convenient AutoShip Filter Plan with FREE Shipping
  • Buy 5, Get $59 Off or Buy 10, Get $177 Off
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Designed for the Alen® BreatheSmart® HEPA Air Purifier, the Alen HEPA-Pure Filter combines two layers of filter technology to purify and freshen the air in your home.

Polluted air first passes through Alen's washable Pre-Filter to capture large particles, extending the life of the filter. In the second layer, air moves through a unique, electrostatically charged HEPA type material that attracts and captures dust, pollen, pet dander, mold spores and other airborne pollutants. Relief from allergy and asthma symptoms has never been so simple.

Save time and money with Alen's AutoShip Filter Plan. Get FREE Shipping (valued at $15 or more) on filters. Your first filter ships immediately. Future filters are auto-billed and shipped FREE, based on your selection of 4, 6 or 8 months. Cancel at any time. Join AutoShip and start Living Better now.

  • Over time, the HEPA-Pure Filter becomes overloaded with particles, decreasing its filtration performance. We recommend replacing your filter every 6-12 months for severe concerns or when running your air purifier 24/7. Replace your filter every 12-18 months for light concerns or when running the air purifier only as needed.
  • Rinse or lightly vacuum the removable black Alen Pre-Filter as soon as it develops a layer of visible particles. Allow it to completely dry before replacing.
  • Washing or vacuuming the white HEPA type material will damage the fibers and is not recommended.

Customer Reviews

Alen Breathesmart HEPA-Pure Replacement Filter 4.8 5 13 13
great, great, great machine I have been diagnosed with pulmonary fibroses. Which is kind of scarey. We do not at this time know what caused it. I live in a very old farm house. But this machine has really, really made me feel so much safer in this old house. I would recommend this machine to anyone that has a breathing problem or just wants to be safe. Thank you so much for making this machine. Sheila Watts February 26, 2014
Great Product! We purchased the BreatheSmart after noticing that we were constantly dusting and sometimes had a haze in the air when our pellet stove is used continuously. Within the three weeks of owning the BreatheSmart, the dust on the furniture has substantially been reduced and the haze is not as prevalent. The unit is located in our great room and is very quiet, even when running on high, and you can certainly feel the air being drawn into the unit for purification. Our dog even likes lying next to it. We haven’t figured out if it’s the soothing sound that the unit makes when running, or if it’s the flow of air being drawn in and out. The BreatheSmart is an exceptional product. We are undeniably breathing much healthier air in our house now and eventually hope to add another BreatheSmart to the upper level of our house. January 18, 2014
Questioning this product.... I bought the BreatheSmart about a month ago. There have only been a couple brief moments when it actually indicated that the air was clean. It has been running constantly since the day I brought it home. I'm not sure if I should return it or if it's actually working. September 19, 2013
Great purifier! My allergies have decreased tremendously since I've had my air purifier...Thank you so much! The amount of Kleenex's I've needed to use has decreased to almost NONE! just amazing because I usually have 3-4 in each pocket at all times. February 10, 2014
We love our Alen Breah tRight Air Purifiers! When we first purchased our 3 Breath Right machines about 8 months or so ago, We had lots of dust on our furniture because we live in a rural area with farming all around us. The Breath Right machine eliminated at least 95% of it very quickly! Now we don't have to dust as much. Also, Our allergies have improved a great deal! We highly recommend buying and using these air purifiers! We run them 24/7 on automatic and really love them. They are vey quiet and we sleep very well with them on. The house smells better, too! We really don't notice them running at all. August 31, 2013
Perfect Air Purifier Purchased 2 Breathsmart air purifiers and I am astounded how well they work. My girlfriend, who suffers from pet allergies, no longer suffers. The Breathsmart purifiers really work! I clean the filters weekly because I have 4 cats and the apartment is really dusty on the first floor. They really pick up everything and anything in the air and are extremely quiet. I am very pleased and also happy that I selected the best purifiers on the market. August 9, 2014
Best air purifiers I've had my units for about 2 years. Alen has always been great to work with and my air quality is outstanding! Highly recommend their product! July 24, 2014
Easu to use and very efficient. the Alen Breathesmart is just wonderful. I was diagnosed with asthema and had some other problems breathing due to some obstruction. We have a parrot, and I did not realize the fine powder dander from his feathers were causing a severe problem. After purchasing the alen Breathe smart, things got better very quickly. Although I still am using a medihailer, it is not as often. I know the dander is better, because I donnot see it on the tables, due to the Breathesmart being on. We have a very large living area, it is 23X32, and that does not include the kitchen area that is open to the living room. The Breathe Smart keeps it clear, and even my husband who has allergies, has slowed down on use of meds. It is easy to use, and to keep clean, and does not take up a lot of room. I am so pleased with this item, we hope to purchase another soon, We will then have the entire house covered. June 20, 2014
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