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Room by Room Guide for Your Alen Air Purifier


  • Air Purifier Buying Guide
  • Improve your Spring
  • Winter Allergies
  • Fall Allergies
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Health Concerns
  • Air Purification
  • Best Practices
  • Customer Stories
  • FAQs
  • Learn where each Alen Air Purifier may benefit you and your family best with our room by room shopping guide. Create a welcoming, healthy environment for guests by controlling dust, pollutants, pet dander and odor.


    Open Floor Plan

    up to 1100 sq ft

    Living Room

    up to 750 sq ft

    Master Bedroom

    up to 750 sq ft



    Second Bedroom

    up to 500 sq ft


    up to 500 sq ft


    up to 125 sq ft