Reasons why fall allergy season is the worst!

While everyone is out enjoying the changing leaves and cooler temperatures....

you're typically just waiting for the misery of fall allergy season to end.

Read on to see why the crisp fall air can really be an allergy sufferer's nightmare!

1. Weed pollen, which is spread mainly during the fall, sticks especially well to cat and dog fur. That means, every time your cat enters the room you have to leave it.

2. Your friends are constantly taking pictures like this...

or this...

And they snap a picture of you, like this...

3. Your symptoms include sneezing

Itchy, watery eyes that can make you look scary

or like you're just always upset

Constant congestion that makes your nose feel like a faucet

And did we mention the sneezing?

4. Really, there are just never enough tissues.

5. Basically while everyone is frolicking in the leaves and enjoying the foliage, you're just covering your face, ready for it to be over.

6. If you're ready to feel like this during fall allergy season...

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