Every Alen Air Purifier has received hundreds of reviews noting the impact breathing pure, healthy air. We pride ourselves on making quality air purifier products and our customer reviews. Read more to learn what customers are saying about the benefits of an Alen Air Purifier.

At Alen, we make it our priority to ensure every Alen Air Purifier is made with five-star quality and the most advanced air purification technologies available. We stand behind our air purifier products, providing the best in customer care, as well as a variety of guarantees and warranties. Select Alen Air Purifier products are guaranteed to give you allergy relief with the industry's first—and only—Allergy Relief Guarantee. With this, we promise you will finally discover relief from your worst allergy symptoms with an air purifier for allergies. All Alen Air Purifier products are backed with our Lifetime Limited Warranty, ensuring for as long as you have your Alen Air Purifier you will receive world class customer service, and a replacement air purifier if yours stops working.

Alen A350 Air Purifier

Price: $599

FREE Shipping

Alen BreatheSmart Air Purifier

Powerful air purifier with many great features!

“3rd air purifier purchase for me. I have 2 Alen 350's, one I use for allergies and another my mom uses for a pulmonary condition. This new breathe smart purifier compares well to them. It is larger in size than the 350 but it covers a much greater room area. I utilize the auto smart sensor as this purifier is in my family room. The only time I really notice the purifier running is when it is on turbo. The purifier is simple to set up and use for the first time. I would highly recommend this purifier.”

 mlcrna from Pennsylvania

Much Better Air

“We have the newest air purifier by Alen called the Breathe Smart. It has become a great addition to our house. We set it up between our living / dining room (open floor plan) and it has done a fantastic job covering the area which is about 800 sf. The air feels cleaner and I am sneezing much less than before. So far so good. I would definitely recommend getting The new Breathe Smart. As for looks, the Breathe Smart is sleek and modern looking. It was super easy to set up. This machine has really made a difference in my quality of life.”  

rmil from Austin, TX

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Alen A375 Air Purifier

Price: $499

FREE Shipping

Alen A375 Air Purifier

Very happy with my Alen's

“I am MCS to every kind of chemical you can think of.  I saw a add for Alen on the internet and contacted sales. He said he had a unit for chemicals.  Boy was I happy. I ordered two and they worked so well I ordered two more.  I am so happy with these Alen's, they make my life so much better.  I have other allergies too and my Alen's help with them also.  I would like to thank the Alen Corp for making my life liveable.”  

Josie from Fullerton, CA

Asthma Control

“When I run my air purifier i have less problems with breathing and have less usage from medicines to control my coughing”

Mr. Shindel from Bloomington, IL

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Alen A350 Air Purifier

Price: $399

FREE Shipping

Alen A350 Air Purifier

Improves My Sleep

“Wonderful product. Very effective at collecting dust, other allergens which greatly improves my sleep. Keep up the great work.”

 Bryan from Phoenix, AZ

Excellent Choice

“I have owned the Alen Air Purifer for approximately three weeks. I purchased this purifer due to my wife's allergies. She has had a vast improvement in this short time. We run the air purifier 24 hrs a day. We have no dust on furniture or blinds as we did in the past. This was an excellent choice and I highly reccomend this unit.”  

Anonymous from Mt. Sterling, KY

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Alen Paralda Air Purifier

Price: $439

FREE Shipping

Alen Paralda Air Purifier

Quickly Noticeable

“My son has severe dust allergies. This machine eliminated his morning stuffy nose in 1 day. I wish I had one for my room too!”

Christian from Charlotte, NC

Much better than other products!!!

“I took the product out of the box, quickly read the instructions, plugged it in, and set the controls.  The air is noticeably cleaner. I used to wake up sneezing and congested because my wife has outdoor cats and she carries the dander on her clothes indoors.  I seldom sneeze in the house anymore, we still have the cats, and it is ragweed season!”

Will from San Antonio, TX

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Alen T500 Air Purifier

Price: $299

FREE Shipping

Alen T500 Air Purifier

Quiet and Cool!

“I bought two Alen T500 Tower Air Purifiers based on online reviews and I have not been disappointed. They are easy to set up and very intuitive to use. They are so quiet I run them 24 hours a day. Also, the design is attractive and cool. I highly recommend this product.”

Mark5942 from New York

Fantastic unit!

“Very powerful air flow for a unit that takes up very little space. Absolutely silent on level one. Easy to tell the air quality difference in the large bedroom where we were using it. A bonus that the green display lights automatically go off so the unit doesn't light up the bedroom at night. Nice attention to details. Well done, Alen.”

Chad1129 from Bee Cave, TX

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Alen T100 Air Purifier

Price: $149

FREE Shipping

Alen T100 Air Purifier  

What a Difference!

“I purchased the two desktop purifiers as a gift for my niece. She told me that she already sees the difference in the air quality and thanked me for thinking of her. (I already have the T300 in my bedroom and am amazed at the amount of airborne debris that it sucks in and traps.)”

BPeterson from Bronx, NY

Great SIZE & Works

“For a  "desktop" size, it  is great product . Helps with my allergies and  I like the white  noise  for  sleeping. I  take  it  with me  when I travel and  noticed the  difference  when  I  didnt.  I  put  one  in my bedroom and  one  in living room.”

Teresa from Houston, TX

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